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Friday, 13 January 2012

Our New Home........

We went to see our new home today to see how things were progressing. At the beginning of the week it looked like we would be moving in on monday with no water or heating :O
Well, it resembled an episode of DIY SOS......I've never seen so many builders in a house at one time!
Carpets all laid on top two floors, though my bedroom has a toilet smack bang in the middle of it waiting to go into the en-suite....the plumber is working all over the weekend so hopefully by monday it'll be in it's proper place.
We've been asked if we want any of the curtains that used to hang at the windows when the house was a hotel, I have no idea what they are like but as I've been a little concerned about what to do about the windows as they are so huge.....curtains? blinds? Definitely NO nets curtains....so, we'll see what the curtains are like, they'll 'do' for now....would be lovely if they are nice vintage florals.....although they may be chintsy with swags!! :O

Anyway, we're surrounded by packing boxes....and it seems never ending...where does all the 'stuff' come from?

Oh and we met the neighbours...one of whom is a Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator.......

P.S. Hello number one stalker, nice to see you ;) (you know who you are :)xx

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