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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Blimey...has it really been that long?

I've just realised it's been over a month since I posted on here.....I've been so busy I've been 'meaning to' but never quite got around to it. The house is nearly finished, not quite but nearly and I've been hanging pictures, putting up bunting and generally prettying things up. I haven't been doing many markets....the weather is just too bloody awful. Hopefully the weather will start to pick up soon....is it really May? Feels more like winter's on it's way today, horrible drizzley rain....either rain properly or bugger off!
Anyway, I'm pleased to say my cat's have finally settled....took a while, was beginning to think they's abandoned us. Dave's just kind of taking it all in his stride, he's really far too cool to make a fuss! Ralph on the other hand is totally the opposite....I think the phrase 'Scaredy cat' was made for him. He can be fast asleep and hear a noise, something totally normal, like a drawer opening, and there he is up on his feet, fully alert, looking like he's ready for a full on attack from the neighbourhood 'Cat murderers'!
So.....here's some pics of various 'stuff' ........Ralph.....clearly NOT on full alert :)