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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Isn't it funny.....

Well, not funny really but interesting I suppose you could say, how when things turn pear shaped you really find out who your friends are....and who you're friends aren't!
Recently things have gone a little pear shaped for me and my crew.....a forced house move (we really thought we'd be here in this house for along, long time and were very sad at first to have to leave....but now we're over the moon to be moving and have found a fab place to live....funny how things work out) and an unplanned hospital stay for B, my daughter......we knew her pacemaker would need replacing but didn't expect it to be until sometime in 2012....as it happened we went in hospital on the 11th of December with very little notice.
During this unexpected stressful few weeks a, what I thought, very close friend, suddenly dropped off our radar....completely. No explanation, no harsh words, no nothing...hmmmm very hurtful, and very sad.
On the other hand, others, who I wouldn't have described as being 'besties' have been absolutely wonderful :)
These people have restored my faith a little....well actually a lot....and I'm very grateful to have them in our lives. I'm still hurting a little and miss the 'friend who is no more' but, well, there's not much I can do about it really, so onwards and upwards as they say (who ever 'they'may be....'they' seem to know what they're talking about!

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