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Tuesday, 11 October 2011


I picked up a book in Morelli's, they do a fab book share thingy you know the sort of thing, you take your unwanted books in.....and take away someone elses unwanted books. (except, as I find it hard to part with ANY of my books I suppose I just nick other peoples unwanted books, as I mean to take mine in but somehow never manage too!) Anyway, today along with my coffee I picked up a vegetarian cookbook. I've just got around to having flick through and found this written on the first page.

"To Anna
My most wonderful
most lovely
most gorgeous
most everything
in the whole

All my love

Simon xx

It actually made me feel a little bit sad :( What happened to Anna and Simon? Why did she give the book with this wonderful inscription away? Did she forget, give it away, then remember and rush to get it back....and it wasn't there because I had kind of nicked it? Or did they have an awful acrimonious break up, so bad she felt the need to banish all remnants of the once romantic Simon from her life? OR, have Anna and Simon moved to a delapidated old barn in a gorgeous part of France and are currently living in a caravan whilst doing said barn up....and have no room for surplus books. Maybe Simon has written hundreds of romantic inscriptions in books over the years and Anna is sick to the back teeth with them? Simon might be a complete pig most of the time and only write over enthusiastically romantic gestures once in a blue moon,trying to redeem himself.
Maybe I need to put a sign up in Morelli's........

Anna and Simon
If anyone knows the whereabouts of the above, please contact me....I am an incurable, nosy bugger and NEED to know the story behind this book!"

OR maybe I'll use it as an idea for a book and it'll become a bestseller, and in interviews, when asked where the idea for the book came from, it'll be a fabulous answer!



  1. I so need to know what happened to Anna and Simon now too so don't forget to blog about it if you ever do find out ;) Xx

  2. LOL! glad I'm not the only one :) xx