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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Moving day......:)

Well moving day has been confirmed.....and it's less than two weeks away :O
Now we've actually got a date we've sprung into action, well, I say we but actually mean me....everyone else is telling me to calm down we apparently have 'plenty of time'. Hmmm actually, no we haven't!
We've lived in this house for nearly seven years and have a LOT of 'stuff', so the boxes are being filled, slowly I admit, because as I'm sorting I'm finding 'stuff' I've totally forgotten about....especially books, I have far too many. I'm trying to fill one box at least for the charity shop but it's hard to part with a book I might just feel the need to read again....who knows when I may urgently need it!
And as for my making 'stuff' I'm not going to be able to chuck any of that away...perish the thought :O

Another thing that has occured to me is the new house is a lot bigger, we have an extra bedroom and oh joy of joys, a study! I'll be able to spread my making 'stuff' out on my desk......and leave it there without Ralph and Dave, my cats who love to sleep on 'stuff', disrupting (and by that I mean stretching out and knocking it all off the desk) the whole lot......my desk is at present in my bedroom and the door to my room doesn't close properly so they can come and go as they please. Woo Hoo! my own cat free room!!

So as of.....less than two weeks....I'll be trawling the vintage, second hand, charity shops looking for lovely 'stuff' to fill our lovely new home. I'm really looking forward to finding some treasures.....now I'll have the space I want a huge kitchen table and lot's of mismatched chairs to paint in different colours. I know just the place to look too, we have a fabulous 'shop'....well it's more like a huge space called Ron Scotts that is as absolute treasure trove of 'stuff'....in the basement there is what I call the chair graveyard full of ermmmmm chairs (!)......I'm planning to rescue eight or maybe more and cheer them up with a coat or too of brightly coloured paint.

Ok, enough of the waffling....I'm off to pack some more boxes......

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