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Friday, 7 October 2011

Our little cinema..........

I think it seats about 50 at the most:)


  1. I love those tiny little cinema's we went to a tiny cinema when we went to Mablethorpe a few months ago and think that seats about 50 max too, its fully 3D and everything though and just the cutest cinema I have ever seen :O)

  2. Posh,it is gorgeous! All air con and 3D.....when i lived here as a child I used to go every week with my grandad, we lived just round the corner and used to go in our slippers, with a blanket for our knees, at the interval a lady used to poke her head round the door and say 'tea anyone?" and then used to bring the tea round in cups and saucers with biccy's!! x

  3. Oh wow sounds perfect, I much prefer the smaller independent cinemas than than the big busy ones that seem to be everywhere now. Unfortunately there not not many about these days :O(