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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Last weekend......

we 'did' the museums, and discovered that 3 in one day was a little ambitious! We did however have a fabulous day despite it being hotter than Naples......in a nutshell I would say that the V&A was awe inspiring, a calm oasis amongst the madness of London. It was my personal favourite,the garden cafe with the lake and beautiful trees was a stunning and peaceful place for a restorative cup of tea....they do amazing cakes too.(the exhibits were pretty marvellous too!)
The Natural History was just as I remembered it as a child, the same dinosaur,blue whale and giraffe were in situ.....felt a bit like deja vue....it was a bit of a shock to the system after the calm 'grownupness' of the V&A. And are there really that many kids in the world? Seemed like they were ALL in there :)
The Science Museum next, the main Exhibition was 'SEX'......we saw more than a few disconcerted looking parents sidestepping awkward questions with "erm, we'll talk about that later".....and one or two "ask your mother". Especially centered around the machine that asked you to "press the button to find the sperm that wins the race" complete with a, graphic, bigger than lifesize vagina! Made me glad my kids are so much older....!
Soooo here's a few pics of our day..............

First, the garden at the V&A............up there on the left!

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